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Work: (603) 448-2223

Home: (603) 448-5235

Pager: (603) 443-8290

Fax: (603) 448-7156

Home Office 448-2223 or 448-5235. I work in my home office, and I have a work phone and a home phone. Both phones have answering machines. I have a fax machine in my home office, for notes from you 24 hours a day. Personal interviews with you are always available. Your home and your office visits are also available. Call me very early in the moming. I like it when you contact me early in the morning – very early, as early as you wish! I’m up by 5:00 AM most days. If I am not up, I should be.

Pager 443-8290.

Please use it. Sometimes, I am outside my office, or out in my truck. Please feel free to use my pager anytime. I will return your call. You can leave a 30 second voice message which comes to my pager unit within two or three minutes. I should be able to get back to you in just a few minutes, most of the time. This is the best way to get me to call you back immediately. Use my pager and speak a number for me to use to call you back.

FAX me notes; 448-7156.

Many of my clients faxed me notes last year.

This worked great because you can fax a note anytime 24 hours a day, every day.

Give me your fax number, and I can fax back an answer.


Great for leisure communication, or for many details in writing.

Also attach a file, I can view all formats.

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