From the Lebanon Post Office and library at Colburn Park (the green) the office is 4.5 miles east on U.S. Route 4 toward Enfield. This part of Route 4 is named Dartmouth College Highway by the new 911 street names. Exit 17 of Interstate 89 is on the way and about 2.5 miles from the Lebanon green. From Exit 17, continue east on Route 4 for about one and a half miles to the intersection of Route 4 and the more scenic Route 4A. Route 4A splits off to the right and follows Mascoma lake shore line out to the Shaker Shrine which is famous for its Christmas lights display. Do not turn right on to 4A. There is a blinking light here at the intersection of Route 4 and 4A. Continue east toward Enfield on Route 4 for exactly .5 of a mile one half mile from the blinking light and turn left into my driveway which is just past a yellow house close to the highway. The office is a white cottage that sits up the hill at the end of a driveway. The driveway is 250 feet long. Next to and behind the cottage office is a larger white house where I live. Inside the cottage mud room are doorbells for both home and office.

If you get to Mascoma Village Store which is a Mobile Gas Station on the right you have gone too far. Turn around and come back two houses toward Lebanon. There is an oversized red mailbox with 531 on it. There is a sign in the yard that has a different message on each side of the sign. Coming from Lebanon the sign says Dataflo Computer Services (448-5235). Coming form Enfield the sign says TaxFlo, Income Tax Preparer, (448-2223).

The cottage and house are located exactly at the intersection of U.S. Route 4 and Payne Road, which is the little connecter road between 4 and 4A at the spillway (dam) of Mascoma lake. The drive way is about 100 feet west of Payne Road.

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